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TF Test Drive

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Kernahan have a TF, don't have an opportunity to drive one before Thursday, unless I take a break tomorrow!

Anybody else planning to have a "GO"? Will report post test!
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Would like to sometime over the half term break.

Got to take her ZR in to see if the dealer can trace a rattle. Seems like a good time, might as well have some fun while we are there.
Test drove a TF160

Kernahan's have a silver TF160, managed to test drive it between the showers yesterday! I also managed to take a few pictures which are on the main site.

My initial thought, we would not swop our Trophy160 for one in the short term, yes I would if the Trophy was 2/3 years old.

Anyway the car driven was a Platinum Silver TF160 with 20 miles on the clock. Finish and trim looked very polished and panel gaps, material used looked good.

Initial impresions:
1. Build quality - good!
2. Like the black intake & exhaust grille trim.
3. The engine side intake has chicken wire on the grille!
4. Suspension not that much softer than our Trophy, contrary to popular belief!
5. Like the Alcantara seats.
6. Centre console has crackle black finish around the console (reason cheaper to produce).
7. I pictured the strengthened engine cross braces on main site, which does mean scuttle shake is reduced, although on good roads this feeling is neglible.
8. The welded seam when you open the doors is now removed - stregthened shell.
9. The car I drove had AP brakes - no different from Trophy!

Back to back the TF160 to our Trophy160, the car drove in a very similar fashion, brakes and handling are much the same. Engine and gearbox are no different and obviously with the car being SO new was thus tight. Consequently, I could not distinguish much difference from our Trophy160, which has only done a very few more miles itself(1200).

Interesting to read other writers thoughts on the suspension.I honestly couldn't tell much difference and I can say both Ian (Kernahans) and I, did test attempt to test it. :D Also, Alistair from Kernahans who has just returned from Portugal testing the TF135 and is a bit of a wheel man, says as long as the Hydragas suspension is set up correctly the difference is neglible (Kernahans pride themselves of being able to set the suspension up).

Personally, it all comes down to looks. The cabin had again is much the same, except the centre console crackle black and the Alcantara seats (this is where under MONOGRAM, you will be able to personalise your car).

The exterior is different and does look pleasing to the eye, very much like the MR2. Interestingly my wife, didn't like the CHICKEN WIRE used on the engine intakes (looks to be a lower quality used than on nthe outgoing MGF). I liked the black surrounds for the front grille (Fog Lamps are a must to break the expanse of black down). The rear looks good too. As others have commented I still have to get used to the side skirts, however if this was a fresh design rather than a make over we would be saying "how well they looked".

So would I buy one, an unreservedly YES, if we didn't have a Trophy! But don't be deceived in thinking it is a radical update over the existing car, it is not!

TF160 Pictures

NB. Autocar has just dropped through the door features a full TF- MX5 - MR2 comparison story.
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Andrew (known as Scarlet Fever) has written a road test which I've published to site. See MG TF Gossip

Need to sort out the fonts on the page - will do that later!
Just got back from the local dealers (Dixons).

They have just (late friday) had a TF delivered. Trophey blue with a dark blue hood - looks absolutly stunning.

It hasn't been PDId yet but they have sold a couple after people seeing it in its 'just delivered' state.

More arriving over the next few days and should be OK for a test drive at half term.

Interesting side note. one of their staff is getting rid of his Scooby to get a ZT.
The ZT won't be as exciting as a Scooby will it?
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