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Firstly welcome and welcome to what maybe the first TF owner in the country. :D :D

What colour body/roof and trim type have you gone for!

Would also apprecaite - a picture of the said vehicle and I'll feature it on site. :)

This also applies to any one else - also I do understand that some of you would like their number plates obscurring. Just let me know wehn you mail the pic! :D

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ok thanks it's great site !!;)

I have gone for anthracite with a black soft top with full leather.

I drive a R25 1. 4 2000 at the moment, I have never owned a rear wheel drive car before any tips ??

The Tf gets to the dealer tues/weds so have been promised it by thur/fri cant wait :cool:

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MGR have a little bit of information on the MG TF on their official website - click on the MG Octagon, then once the page has fully loaded, click on "Development Zone" across the top. I'm suprised it's not featured in a lot greater depth - after all, this car was "officially" launched on 8th Feb!!

Personally though I'd recommend the main site here,, as the information is far better.

In other words Jerrys' site wipes the floor with any other. Period. :)

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keith.davies said:
Anybody know when the Tf is being launched on the offical MGR website ?

p.s my Tf 135 arrives wednesday :D
Just looked up at the german site @
We need to wait until April, 13th. :rolleyes:

Any news from other continentals ?

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Rear wheel drive and tips . . . . . not that I am Damon Hill or anything but:

Haven't driven a TF, but have driven an F VVC in anger and they are very good fun. You will love it I am sure.

Mid engined means excellent balance and poise but oversteer is more snappy and harder to control as the drivetrain sitting behind you acts like a pendulum.

Obviously watch the back end, it will take a lot to get it to go in the dry, but obviously much easier in the wet, cornering with power on hard or high RPM overrun (engine braking).

Take it to a big car park when run in and have a laugh seeing what I mean (I did) :D Just don't tell the bird, it was her car! :(

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