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anyone with them r they any good??
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I know of one person who was with them. Online gaming was a joke so they ended up back with BT.
I know of one person who was with them. Online gaming was a joke so they ended up back with BT.
doh thats 80% of my time spent on net lol
I'm with them, was with sky. Not had any problems. Donna is a mod on an online roll playing game and Chris plays PS3 games online regularly with no problems. Got the unlimited package.

They have a good forum that you can post problems on (I never have had to) and Talktalk people post solutions or alter stuff at their end.
Once you get set up it will be ok. Prices are good but it took me ages to be able to phone out then people couldn't phone in. I think things took off too big around us and they just didn't have the coverage. Oh! if you do get a problem you will be talking to someone in asia? But to get you on board the phone contacts all come from this country? Having said all this I can't get into my e-mail right now !!!
If you're an O2 customer, then the ADSL broadband package they offer is a bargain
Avoid unless you like trying to communicate with foreign call centres.
I am with them, I started off being with Nildram which then turned into Pipex with then turned into Tiscali which is now Talk Talk.

I have never had a single problem with the line speeds and online gaming is spot on I hope that doesnt change as I get a feeling the customer support is dire.

line speed, reliability and quality is more down to the equipment at your local exchange not the ISP.

there is a website around (cant remember the address atm) but you can check what ISP's own the equipment at your local exchange, try and go with the ISP that owns the equipment as it makes it easier to sort problems and get the best quality line.
A mate of mine was with them.

His broadband was always down, and his phoneline got hacked and got changed for all the international calls that he didn't make.

My average monthly bill is about £20 to £27. That's broadband all 01 & 02 numbers at anytime are free for the first hour. No problem for me but the women can go over the hour I tell thee. It is also rather cheap to phone 08 & mobiles too. As I say, I had teething problems but I would not swop my package as it stands right now.
I have my phone and internet with them, I think they are excellent value for money.

My monthly bill is very cheap, but I do use my mobile phone alot for landline calls to use up my free minutes.

The only thing I would say against them is setting up was not straight forward and I did get messed around a little.

I'm not sure what there customer service is like now but it used to be awful!
ok cool cheers for the comments
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