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new member here. i have an mg zt cdti which i've owned since january. it started out as a 114 but i was put in touch with a guy who remapped it with the official 131 mg rover upgrade. he also went through a full health check and with his findings i've replaced the in-tank fuel pump and the maf sensor to a genuine bosch unit.
i was so impressed with the difference in performance that i started reading up about whether there were any further mods available. this is when i heard about the rover-ron synergy boxes. i came across a synergy 2A on ebay and took the plunge. if i'd known about the maf boost i could have saved myself over £200 on the bosch maf i'd bought 6 weeks earlier but i didn't know about the synergy boxes at the time.
my questions are, have any other members fitted a synergy box and what are the best settings? there are 10 settings, the first 5 are for the bosch maf and settings 6-10 are for the pierburgh maf. what are the performance differences between the high and low settings and is there any penalty in the mpg results. i still have the pierburgh maf as a spare if that helps.
hope someone can share a view on this.
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