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I´m still away so cannot edit the main site.

However, some interesting developments have taken place since I have been away & all extremely positive!

1. You will all be interested to know that MGR DO know of this Forum and like what they see.

2. There is no way the site and/or Forum will close as long as I stick within prescribed guidelines. :D Also, I will not threaten to close regardless of numbers, you will be pleased to know. :D

3. I will shortly have something on the site/forum which will +vely advertise our presence. You will like - what you see! Details by the week end!

4. Bumper stickers are off! A5 fliers will be looked at!

5. I plan to add a page either to individual sub pages on engine tuning or to Powertrain (main site). If anyone has any information on tuning using reputable companies and or compomçnenets and would like to add these to the main site. Please e-mail me with details. such as.
a. Power increase form standard K-series.
b. Components used.
c. Company used.
d. Guarantees.
e. Contact Details etc.

6. XPower products will be sold to anyone whether a member of the Forum or not - this is to promote MGR!

7. Bottom line is confidence - I haven´t been on the other Forums for at least 10 days - my belief is that there is no need. This Forum is all about enthusiasm for the hard core enthusiast, so numbers are not my sole aim. OK, I thought this may have been a goal - however I KNOW believe numbers will be achievable through the quality of the Forum and its participants.

8. I have seen the Feedback on bandwidth and although the Pole answers mention that connection is largely fine - this is unacceptable, so I will pay for a WIDER BANDWIDTH on my return to the UK

9. The Pole pages on the main site will be archived and the Guestbook discontinued, as they have been superceded by this Forum. Still some debate on the Chatroom.

10. Finally, remember MGR are watching (not including MG_Addict) - so let everyone know about the way you feel about the product by telling your friends/associates of this Forum/Site and add youir thoughts! Feedback/publicity is what MGR and we need.


PS. If you have anything that you think should be on the main site - please e-mail the article. Over the last few days I can see I have many new articles/information to add on my return to the UK. :D

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About to hit 20,000 on the HOMEPAGE counter. :D :D

Attached is the stats from the server for Feb to date - some other very interesting stats available too (obviously total hits for all pages on the site).

Day Hits

1 31233
2 17146
3 15399
4 20068
5 24254
6 5559 ???Server prob?
7 22888
8 21960
9 24159
10 31348
11 28791
12 21228
13 16372
14 19969
15 16275
16 17477
17 7816 ???Server prob.
18 21996
19 25532
20 21688
21 29948
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