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More than 100 people have been injured - 22 critically - after a grandstand collapsed during a car race.

Video footage shows the metal stand crumpling in less than a second at the race in the southern state of Parana in Brazil.

Authorities have launched an official investigation into the accident but said structural faults may have caused the collapse.

Officials said at least 111 people were injured as the stand gave way at the race in Quatro Pontes.

Brazil's TV Taroba showed the footage and the chaos that followed, with the injured being treated at the scene.

It is thought at least 500 people were sitting on the stands when the accident happened.

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It is a terrible shame. I was on duty at Hillsboro and other fatals and I still see faces. Wrong place, wrong time. Nothing much you can do. The survivors will feel guilt once the reality comes home.

I think that the only way to come to terms with something like this is to live one day at a time and get the most from every moment. It's a cliche I know, but you must keep positive and take responsibility for your self - ask what can I do to move forwards and improve this rather than moan, blame the circumstances or other people. It's a good rule for dealing with anything really. It's also amazing how many positive things happen if you try to exercise good karma, take responsibility and treat others with care and respect. Easy to say, hard to do.

I think this was the worse recorded one at a race - 80 + killed - Le Man's 1955, Pierre Levegh's Mercedes hits the car in front entering the main straight, goes airborne and piles through the boundary wall exploding and showering the grandstand with molten car parts travelling at 70 mph. Incredibly some people at the front were missed as the car went over their heads. The majority of those killed were hit by the engine block which remained in one piece careening through the crowd. Fire followed but many still walked away.

Viewer discretion advised.

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