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its taken 3 years but finaly ford has come up with this and looking at the spec i dont think the ZS180 has anything to worry about infact i reckon the 120 could worry this one.

The Focus ST170 features the 2.0-litre Ford Duratec ST engine.

Focus ST170 makes its debut at the 2001 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, bringing the ST brand of accessible, refined performance to the Ford Focus range. Capable of zero-to-100 kph acceleration in 8.2 seconds (0-60 mph 8.0 secs) and a top speed of 215 kph (133 mph), the ST170 gives a serious performance boost to the world's most popular car.

"With Ford Focus, you couldn't ask for a better foundation for a performance vehicle," said Steve Brenton, Ford of Europe's manager of Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE). "Consumers have been crying out for this product, and we have heard them. We're answering those pleas with a highly balanced performance car that is great fun to drive, refined and practical to own, but doesn't shout about it."

Focus ST170 features the 2.0-litre Ford Duratec ST engine -- a performance version of the 130-PS Duratec engine at the top of the Focus range. Ford's SVE team has squeezed 170 PS (at 7,000 rpm) out of the 16-valve four-cylinder engine by incorporating special features, including:

A new, high-flow aluminium cylinder head with larger inlet valves and higher lift intake and exhaust camshafts for higher peak rpm levels;

Continuously variable intake valve timing;

A new dual-state intake (DSI) manifold that uses long runners for low-end torque and shorter runners at higher rpms for better peak power output;

High-compression, cast-aluminium pistons and forged steel connecting rods;

A dual-mass flywheel for a highly refined and smooth performance feel;

Larger bore free-flowing stainless steel exhaust system, tuned for enhanced performance sound.
Duratec ST's performance feel is unmistakable, characterised by its responsiveness to driver inputs. Beyond its high-revving power, Duratec ST's unique flow characteristics deliver outstanding low-end torque, with 85 percent of its peak torque (195 Nm at 5,500 rpm) coming at 2,200 rpm and a minimum of 190 Nm available between 2,500 rpm and 6,000 rpm.

Power to the Road
Focus ST170's new Durashift six-speed gearbox helps make the most of that generous torque. The close-ratio, Durashift six-speed manual transaxle provides assured, confident driveability as the driver accelerates crisply through the gears toward ST170's ultimate high-speed cruising potential.

Power is transmitted to the road via low-profile P215/45R17 tyres mounted on exclusive 12-spoke, 17x7-inch alloy wheels. The combination gives ST170 a poised stance and precise dynamics capabilities to match. Its lateral acceleration -- 0.89 g -- is an impressive indication of its roadholding abilities.

The Focus chassis, including its "control blade" suspension, was ideally suited to the dynamic requirements of the ST170 performance application. SVE engineers fine-tuned its inherent strengths -- with higher spring rates, larger stabiliser bars and unique damper tuning -- to provide the right combination of handling precision and ride compliance for comfortable touring. Focus' low-friction steering system has been revised with special gearing and a unique power-steering pump.

Focus ST170's stopping power is impressive. The ST is equipped with larger-diameter brake discs -- 300 mm in the front and 280 mm in the rear -- and unique callipers. ST170 can stop with assurance from 100 kph in just 36.3 metres, (112 feet from 60 mph). ABS and traction control are standard.

Understated Style
The Focus ST170 is offered in the three- and five-door body styles with a series of subtle design features inside and out to differentiate it from other Focus models.

Exterior design elements exclusive to ST170 include bolder, large-honeycomb-mesh radiator grill and bumper grille treatments for optimal cooling capabilities, plus unique round, projector-style foglamps. New styled headlamps, with gold-speckled "tech-flec" accents, provide further visual distinction, and ST170 customers have the option to choose new self-levelling xenon headlamps with bumper-mounted washer jets.

Body-colour side mouldings, door handles, tailgate moulding and front upper grille surround create visual differentiation that is further enhanced by the purposeful look of ST170's low-profile wheel and tyre combination. Focus ST170 customers can also specify the addition of an arc-shaped liftgate spoiler.

Focus ST170 is available in four clearcoat metallic colours -- Magnum Gray, Panther Black, Moondust Silver and Imperial Blue -- plus a solid colour -- Capri Blue.

Driver-oriented Features
The new ST170's strong driver orientation is clearly communicated by its interior details. A unique instrument panel with silver-faced, electro-luminescent gauges features a 7,300-rpm redline tachometer, 250-kph (160-mph) speedometer and additional analogue gauges for oil temperature and oil pressure.

Leather-trimmed, bolstered sport seats provide excellent lateral support, with comfort and clear feedback to the driver and front-seat passenger, in particular on longer journeys. The driver's seat is six-way power adjustable. Rear seating also features sport-style design with leather trim. Recaro front seats are available as an option, and an all-leather seat option also is available.

Racing-style metallic pedal covers with rubber grips symbolise the ST170 owner's no-nonsense driving style.

The metallic theme continues in other areas of the cockpit, including the face of the leather gear lever knob, the release button of the leather-wrapped hand brake and the door handles.

"The Focus ST170 represents refined performance, accessible value and everyday practicality," said Ford of Europe Product Development Vice President Martin Leach. "With ST170, we are giving our customers what they have been asking for, really reinforcing our passion for driving quality in a contemporary and dependable package."
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Autocar likes it! But do you?

Autocar likes it though Kev.

They also like the new MINI. Spied a Cooper S in what looked like Triumphs old "Persian Aqua" Blue yesterday around Oxford.

Plus they like the Jag S - ZT385 - MG TF.
i quote autocar
"The ST will recreate the halcyon days of the XR3i"

oh please spare us :D
"Halcyon days of the XR3"!!

Oh boy.

No other car whatsoever exemplified the smash'n grab 80's attitudes to life. It sold by the bucket, even though it didn't actually go, or stop for that matter (speaking from experience having one forced on me as a Co. car for a while), and just relied on it's image as troops of wide boys on the make bought them.
But there was a downside to it's popularity.
It is now widely believed that the XR3 was the catalyst for Fords image problem, as it cheapened the Blue Oval to such an extent that they were forced into the Premier Brands route to keep some sort of face.
As MG-R proved with the MG Maestro, Image is irrelevant when it comes to producing the better car, so let the 170 do it's worst and let the ZS180 always remain quietly superior.
If the ST170 is such a good design and so well thought through, how come they offer alternate seats as an option. Don't they have any faith in their own ability to design and make comfortable and supportive seats.

And if they want to return to the halcyon days of the XR3 why are there no furry dice on the list of optional extras.
the list of options is interesting,although its headline price is £16k add some of the kit thats standard on the 180 and it becomes a very expensive car.
0-100 22 secs aint nothing special.3 door - £15,995.00 OTR
5 door - £16,495.00 OTR


Metallic Paint - £275.00
Rear Spoiler - £250.00
Custom Pack - £2000.00
Comfort Pack - £750.00
Power Sunroof - £400.00
ESP - £750.00

"Custom Pack" = Recaro heated leather seats, ICE 9006 and metallic paint
"Comfort Pack" = Auto AC (climate control), Quickclear heated front screen and xenon headlamps
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Auto Express View of the ST 170

Ford Focus ST170
The Eighties revival is in full swing. People are listening to the music of Wham! again, while highlights are reappearing in hair. All that's missing is a Ford XR3 on the driveway. But don't worry - the blue oval has just unveiled the perfect alternative...
Dubbed the ST170, this hot hatch is the first of an exciting line-up of performance derivatives of Ford's award-winning family car. The name is taken from the 170PS (168bhp) output of the 16-valve Zetec engine, and the car promises to combine that 42bhp power hike over the current 2.0-litre model with a tuned version of the standard car's chassis.

With hot versions accounting for 25 per cent of sales in the small family sector, Ford has invested plenty of effort on getting the ST right. And with prices starting at £15,995, it's set to go into battle with Honda's Civic Type R, Peugeot's 307 XSi and Alfa's 2.0-litre 147 when it goes on sale next month.

Ford performance specialists make no secret of the fact that the ST170 is venturing into Civic Type R territory. They have been working overtime to deliver the most thrilling and involving ride possible from the already class-leading chassis. A firmer suspension set-up and low-profile tyres mean the Focus's dynamics will be developed to full potential, with the promise of huge amounts of grip, ultra-sharp steering and leech-like roadholding.

And it's on the open road where the ST170 will come into its own, with Type R-style variable valve timing promising smooth power delivery and a constant supply of torque right up to the top end of the rev range. A close-ratio six-speed gearbox will mean that performance can be explored to the full, with enough low-down power to keep the engine on song, together with high-speed refinement, decent fuel economy and low emissions

Larger brake discs and electronic brakeforce distribution will also guarantee the kind of stopping power that XR3 owners could only dream of.

Auto Express saw the first clues to the car's appearance last year when the US-only Focus SVT was unveiled at the Chicago Motor Show. And the vehicle officially revealed here has clearly inherited several of the design cues. Building on the reputation of the Focus WRC rally car, the ST170's performance aspirations are quite subtle, although deeper front bumpers, small circular front foglamps and valance-mounted front airdam show the flying Focus means business.

Chromed ST170 badges and neat 15-spoke alloy wheels also indicate this is more than just a standard car, although Ford has sensibly decided not to embellish the hot hatch with the huge wings and kerb-scraping body-kits beloved of Eighties boy racers. The Focus's interior has also received a restrained makeover, with leather and alcantara Recaro sports seats, leather-rim steering wheel, brushed aluminium gearknob, drilled rally-style pedals and black-on-white dials. Practical additions include six airbags, climate control and a front-loading six-CD player.

The ST170 marks the beginning of a sporty new era from Ford. Next up will be the gutsy Mondeo ST220, while the car we've all been waiting for - the Focus RS - is promised later this year. The performance flagship will share most of its external features with the ST range, but will be powered by a new turbocharged version of the same 2.0-litre engine, pushing out more than 200bhp. In the meantime, the ST170 promises to be an exciting addition to Britain's most popular car range and could pave the way for more extreme editions of the Focus. The XR3 lives! Roll on the RS Turbo and Cosworth!

The standard Focus has class-leading dynamics, so improved handling and a significant power hike mean the ST170 promises to be a fine driver's car.

At a glance

* Ford Focus ST 170 on sale from early next month

* Prices start at £15,995

* Three and five-door versions will be available from launch
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