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Evening All,
Owing to a few changes and a possible house move i am selling a few of my spares . I picked up this charger kit from Ross (Su[ercharged_Z)before Christmas with plans to swap some of the upgrade parts onto my own car but things change!

copied these details from Ross's

Hello All,

With my latest purchase my plan to build a forged KV6 have come to a hault, I had thought about keeping them but theres no reason having money parked in things that wont be used.

For sale is my Sprintex Supercharger .

I have had the supercharger since 2005, as you know i had a few issues in the early days which we slowly overcame. This charger has the uprated bearings in the snout, it also has a custom oil feed and drain. The lid was machined down so not to rub on the bonnet, but it could do with a little more tbh. The screw unit is a opcron unit rather than the later spintex own versions. this cost £4500

without forged pistons this car had between 250 and 260 bhp , driveability was fantastic, it sounded mental and was huge fun, it ran me up the quarter mile in 13.5 in a striped zs with std flywheel and wheels.

Ok kit comes with just about everything you need, i will throw in the manual i have and can supply a copy of the software for the PerfectPower SMT6D but i think this has been locked with a password.

Perfectpower ecu setup for following:

Induction system

decat and exhaust system from decat.

upgraded spark plugs.

coil pack direct on plug.

We mapped on std unleaded but would advise super unleaded or some higher ron additive.

looking for £1100 or it will be sent to parts shelf :)

PM me if your interested.


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Updated details / lower price :))
Hi, as you know, I'm really inerested, but my MG ZT 190 is near to stock (only i fitted a K&N panel filter and a sport "duplex" baxckbox exhaust (no decat), so i need to know if the sprintex ECU can be remapped without particoluar problems.
Also email sent to you .

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