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So who really thinks their 260 is fast??

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Not me!! We swapped our ZT-T190 for the ZT-T260 last year and since then the wife has just used it locally as her main car with me jumping in for a go every now and then for local noisy V8 sounding runs :), the wife had already commented that the 260 didn't seem any faster than the old car but I thought what does she know!! Anyhow, this all changed on Friday when we had to make the 125 miles on a trip to London disappear fast as we were late. What a disappointment the car is!! It seems breathless and lacking in performance and it doesn't compensate by giving good fuel economy either.

We used our old 190 for a trip to Alicante in Spain and it just eat the miles up and even at speeds of over a ton it still returned really good economy, yes the 260 is a more special car but IMHO the 190 is a better car out of the box.

So, what to do as I still like the car other than it being a snail?? I have a LS2 6litre Corvette engine at work and am going to get the measuring tape out!! The LS2 makes
400hp in standard trim and another 100 can be had very easily/cheap.
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Stick on a Blower.

Learn the Gear Box.

and :googoo

Other than the Alternator placement it might fit. :evil:

The only major Challenge will be the ECU.

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Brian. I also have challenges with following this thread, but out of 883 less a few? 2 so far don't like our beasts.

... I told her the new engine would make it more fuel efficient :)
So does a Supercharger.

.............., maybe the diff oil change was a red herring, .................................
The Transmission soaks up hurendous amounts of power and you are not the first that has noticed a smoother car after changing the diff oil!

Here it is...
What is the spec. (my mate has 550+ on his cossie)

Back to the Thread.

For thoes who have not seen the ZTT 225.609 MPH

I will try to find the Video.
Found it:



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Martin, do you have any vague notion of how much this conversion would cost if/when you offer it to others? I'd love the supercharger, but the £6k is a real stretch.
Chris Hi.
I have fitted V8s in a Lowered Cortina and also a CF Van.
Great fun and takes ages to sort out the bugs.
for a while now I have been working with the origional engines and moding them.

BUT. if I could get a 500+bhp engine fitted for the same price as the SC guaranteed to work I would be interested also.

lmao.....i agree, a zt 260 is not fast, not even remotely.... and tbh theyr'e not that quick even with a supercharger !:dddc:
4.7 secs 0-60 and would top out at 180 MPH, Not quick enough for you? :stir:

I even beat a Marcos V8 on the drag strip :racer:

Just slow on replying to this Carrot :coffee:
What was your 1/4 mile time?

It was a local 1/8 strip

He was ahead of me at the start then pipped him.

It was 5 years ago, I will see if I can find the figures.
I was something like 0.6 secs ahead of him

I would have been quicker but difficult to stop the rears spinning up. I have changed the tires to Toyos and been told that I need to start in 1st and change up ASAP to 2nd and take it to the max in 2nd before 3rd.

I have since fitted a balanced bottom end so it will now rev to 7,500 rpm

One day I will do a 1/4 mile.

At Prescot last year:


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