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So who really thinks their 260 is fast??

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Not me!! We swapped our ZT-T190 for the ZT-T260 last year and since then the wife has just used it locally as her main car with me jumping in for a go every now and then for local noisy V8 sounding runs :), the wife had already commented that the 260 didn't seem any faster than the old car but I thought what does she know!! Anyhow, this all changed on Friday when we had to make the 125 miles on a trip to London disappear fast as we were late. What a disappointment the car is!! It seems breathless and lacking in performance and it doesn't compensate by giving good fuel economy either.

We used our old 190 for a trip to Alicante in Spain and it just eat the miles up and even at speeds of over a ton it still returned really good economy, yes the 260 is a more special car but IMHO the 190 is a better car out of the box.

So, what to do as I still like the car other than it being a snail?? I have a LS2 6litre Corvette engine at work and am going to get the measuring tape out!! The LS2 makes
400hp in standard trim and another 100 can be had very easily/cheap.
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Ha ha!! I already have fast!!

THAT! ^^^ :curry: :sofa: why your ZT-T feels slow Martin. :D

My Escort is faster than my ZT and it's not even a proper Escort. More power and less weight though. It's as simple as that. The whole ZT power to weight deal really needs addressing though and i've felt this way since 2003. I was considering a 'Q' plate and a Chevrolet crate engine akin to the unit/s specified by Ultima for their GTR, on Holleys and with a cat-less exhaust for mine when I heard of the ludicrous road tax hike last year.

I'm still not sure what i'll do with mine.

We're lucky enough to have two ZTs here, so an aspirated set-up on one and a blower on the other would be great to see and use and is fairly inevitable.

Pie in the sky for now though as i'm still in the poor house and will be for another year and a half or so.

Anyway and more on topic, in spite of my Ford's swifter progress under some circumstances, it doesn't do 2nd gear corners in 4th gear and it doesn't go sideways in second gear in the dry either so I must have done something right in purchasing the green thing. :D

I am very much looking forward to seeing the development of your Zed Martin. I think the LS is a great idea. Very well done and i'm glad at least one of us has the funds to implement such an interesting plan.

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How's your health Martin? I hope you're doing well.
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