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So who really thinks their 260 is fast??

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Not me!! We swapped our ZT-T190 for the ZT-T260 last year and since then the wife has just used it locally as her main car with me jumping in for a go every now and then for local noisy V8 sounding runs :), the wife had already commented that the 260 didn't seem any faster than the old car but I thought what does she know!! Anyhow, this all changed on Friday when we had to make the 125 miles on a trip to London disappear fast as we were late. What a disappointment the car is!! It seems breathless and lacking in performance and it doesn't compensate by giving good fuel economy either.

We used our old 190 for a trip to Alicante in Spain and it just eat the miles up and even at speeds of over a ton it still returned really good economy, yes the 260 is a more special car but IMHO the 190 is a better car out of the box.

So, what to do as I still like the car other than it being a snail?? I have a LS2 6litre Corvette engine at work and am going to get the measuring tape out!! The LS2 makes
400hp in standard trim and another 100 can be had very easily/cheap.
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ha sounds like fun, can i join in ,lol.
The gtr spanks everything from a standing start so i suggest a rolling start just to even things up a my favour :lol:
I have seen tuned new GTR's at 'Pod run high 10's and low 11 second 1/4mile times at a recent day for the new "Fast& Furious" film.

Then again these had around 600bhp and took off like rockets with seamless shifts and no drama.:racer:
4.7 secs 0-60 and would top out at 180 MPH, Not quick enough for you? :stir:

I even beat a Marcos V8 on the drag strip :racer:

Just slow on replying to this Carrot :coffee:
What was your 1/4 mile time?
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