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Issue 12 has this, also like the scam on "Practical Classics"


There were red faces in Longbridge last week following an embarrassing confusion over the firm's latest business venture. Late last year the motoring press revealed that the British firm was forging an alliance with China Brilliance with whom MG-R hoped to develop cars for the burgeoning Chinese market. However, following a Sniff Petrol investigation, they have been forced to admit that the new accord has actually been signed with forgotten 1980s pop group China Crisis. "We're a small, fast moving company," explained MG-Rover spokesman Laxley Cackpop, "So it makes sense to forge an alliance with a small, relatively unsuccessful group from the '80s." Although Sniff Petrol couldn't remember any of China Crisis' songs, we think they were from Liverpool. Or was it Manchester? Anyway, despite the certain knowledge that they were a bit cack and frequently entered what their record company was forced to call 'the top 45' MG-R remains confident this new link will give their cars added vim. And an irritating synth middle eight. "I think everyone will be surprised with what we can achieve," mumbled Cackpop, "And if nothing else, we're hoping to get off with Patsy Kensit."
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