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Just thought I'd mention something about the site stickers, just in case there's anyone that still hasn't fitted theirs...

I stuck them on Nats new car last night, and had a bit of trouble, so thought a few words of advice might be in order...

I was doing it in near darkness, not a good time to do it I know, but work keeps getting in the way... :(

Anyway, because it was late evening, it was getting cold outside, and the windows were steaming up as I put my hot hands near them. This meant that the stickers never "stuck" to the window, and I had a job getting it all fixed on ok...

Solution (suggested by Nat I have to say!) was to get her hairdryer, and warm up the window before sticking on. Then, stuck the one side of the sticker on, and before taking the final backing piece off, quickly blasted it with the hairdryer again...

This enable the sticker to stick, and turned out to be a lovely job.... :)

An advert!

Thanks Nick,

Unashamed advert - I still have many of these good quality site stickers for those who haven't had the time to order yet.:rofl:

Click Here for more info.

Or should I name and shame those who haven't bought one???:tsk

Newe season, new stickers.

I still have some stickers that Mook made for us last year, and I'm sure all those who have them fitted are not disappointed with the quality!

Well it may time to order some more.

However, on the reorder, is there anything else we could get made that's bespoke? the site for all your needs! - no other dotcom comes close!
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