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My mother put me on the straight and narrow when i started my motoring life by getting me a Avenger 1500 and then a mini 850.
but i thought i knew better than my mum and in my lust for more power and against her better judgement i bought a 1300 capri.
It was identical to terrys in "minder" white with black vinyl roof .
when you opened the bonnet it had a huge engine bay with what looked like a sowing machine powering it.
well i bought a "bad un" it was so underpowered i had to put it in 1st gear to get it up hills,the end couldn't come soon enough for this motah and it meet its maker early one morning when i was hit by a stolen car being chased by the police on charlie browns roundabout.(totaled)
being third party fire theft i got nothing,only £50 scrap.i'd only had it a month and bought it for £500.
the moral of this story,always listen to your mum:O)

gentlemen i give you the 1300 capri,a truly awful car
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