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Apologise for the quality and the "wire" in the way of some shots.

But here's my digi pics from Silverstone - Click here. :type: Uses webspace bought for another project - now a picture gallery.

If you have any digi pics you would like adding to this page - please send them to me. This was Rob wattons idea. :beerchug

However, the main site will continue to have the Press picture and a couple from Kelvin (if possible). :rofl:

MG ZT-T 190
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I will see if my local Tescos is open today, their photo dev service might be available, if not I wont get any prints to scan until tommorow, so you will all have to wait.. sorry!

Kelvin (non digital photographer)

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Nice photies looked like you all had a good day, had I have known my bl**dy plasterer wasn't going to show up today :mad:

I could have come down, instead of breaking my b**ls knocking down the kitchen wall :blah

Anyway what I really wanted to ask is how come there are so many Trophy Blue MG's about ?? there are other colours available chaps



Oh no what have I started? maybe a poll on what percentage of users have which colour ????
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