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Selling my ZS180 saloon Pearl Black

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Hi all, not been on here for years, I’ve just rejoined as my old login and emails are long gone, used to go under “Predatorzs180” 😂, anyway I’ve still got the zs, the wife has been using it for commute to local work Monday- Wednesday during the week.

The reason for selling, it deserves a new owner one that is not using it as a daily, the wife has been wanting to change it for a while but I didn’t want it too go, but now it is time, she’s got an Audi A3 cabriolet coming so the ZS has now got to go.

Car info time

I’ve had it from new and it’s been super reliable, when I bought it I also spaced it up

2004 ZS180 Saloon
Pearl Black
Opted for the boot lip spoiler
Big Rear spoiler also fitted
Full leather interior
Rear head rests
Electric rear windows
Black ash trim on dash
Sunroof (fully working)

this has been a super reliable ZS and I’m going to be sad to see it go,

I haven’t got photos yet but will be doing them this weekend, wanted to see if anyone one here is interested before it goes on eBay.

regarding price I’m also deciding on that too.

apart from a couple of car park door dings and some scratches from a building site fence falling on the drivers front wing and door / roof area the car is in good condition for its age.

I’ve just fitted a pair of brand new OEM front headlights to it which changed the look and made it look so much newer, all door handles have been changed and painted to match so no busted door handles on this ZS

Now it does have some performance mods on it in the mid 2000’s I fitted Janspeed performance manifolds to it and a full stainless steel exhaust which are all still performing fine, it’s also got an ITG cold air filter induction kit fitted as well, it also has the upgraded clutch master cylinder that was being sold from someone on here back in the day, engine oil breathers vented to air to stop the valves breaking in the inlet manifold and lastly the LED light indicators fitted in the dash for the valve operation check in the inlet manifold.

So if anyone has any interest in this let me know I’m in Eastbourne (as south as you can get)

mileage has just gone over 100000
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Sorry guys been trying to upload photos but forum keep crashing


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Sometimes for unknown reasons (at least to me) the browser would be bugged and it would limit to some extent your activity, if you are in a forum well it would limit your forum activity. I'd recommend you to try again to upload the photos, you should be good given that it's been a while now.:)
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