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Saltire Badge

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Hey Guys. Just got a new TF and spotted some of you have replaced your original Union Jack/Chequer-Flag badges with Saltire ones. Well cool! :rockon:

Where do i get my hands on em?!
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These are EXCELLENT quality badges which once stuck on are there for life so make sure you position them correctly.

I'll PM you Alans e-mail address.

Or check out the forum on

Cheers mate I joined that csngf site and got his email. Ordered two. How easy are the originals to get off?
To be honest I never had to take the originals off as I didnt have any.

Dont think its too hard though (according to the others).
Ask the same question on the CSMGF forum & you'll have a few answers which will no doubt help you.



They arnt too hard. I did the 180 bit in the cold (snowing) so it shattered into a million bits and took ages to get all the bits off. But the flag I did in the summer and it came off with the help of a screw driver and a rag (to pad the body work) and levered it off.

If you are going to do it now get a heat gun or a hair drier and warm it up then it will come off with no problems.
I just got the badges, they are fantastic quality, i would defo recommend them anyone thinking of getting some. I just warmed up the union jack ones with a hairdryer for a minute or so, then just pulled them off. They came off really easily.

Anyway cheers to alan for the great service, and to you guys for putting me in touch. Hope to see you all at crail on may 2nd.
After a bit of searching I came to this Scotland page.
I'm interested in a pair of these badges. Are these still available?
If they are, how can I order, and how much do they cost?
I`m sure they will still be available..

I got mine off Ebay through Alan.

Only know his ebay username, cant remeber his email addy. Somoene else on here will give you it.

I think they are about £15 or soemthing for the pair.
I don't have any yet, but I will soon. I had to get my car back first, after a long time. The engine upgrade took a wile.... Can't wait getting it ready for a DYNO :D .
I'll look on Ebay for the badges.
Are these badges still availible from Alan?

Have one left from the original pair I bought off e-bay but the new ZS has 2 on the rear pillars. Would like to get my hands on another pair.
You'll get a contact for Alan half way down this page next to the picture of the badges -
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