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Sales figures for December have been issued, indicating MG-R sold over 7000 units in December, up 21%, and the years overall target of 5% of the market laid down by John Towers has been exceeded, coming in at 5.54%.
Nice to kick off this new forum on such a positive note!
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Excellent news Dave. ;)

You beat me to the first post.

Where did you get the latest info?
Jerry, that came from the Birmingam Post...
Looking at the SMMT figures the 5.54% is the December figure with the total year running at 3.95% with sales of 97000 odd cars in the UK down from last years 103000, which of course had the large May giveaway sale. Not bad considering the sales performance of the 45- now a new model there would add a few
% I guess- pity it is so far away. Though the MGTF came early so heres hoping
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