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Whilst observing the MG Lola EX257 at Silverstone on Monday 3rd June, I took the opportunity to talk to several of the Chamberlain guys.

One of the Chamberlain guys said that Nº 27 (Chassis Nº003), which was on display today, along with the just finished Nº 002 would (both!) be going to Snetterton tomorrow for a final pre-Le Mans shakedown!

Apparently, there are bikes testing for most of the day, and the MG Lola will be running at dinner time.

Whoever goes, I would like to inform you, that I do not take any responsibility for the cars' non-appearance.




Kev & I were also told the same by the XPower500 fettler. :beerchug Thanks enjoyed the brief chat. :D

Very disappointing one lap at Silverstone by Blundell. XPower 500 circulated well with McGaritty at the wheel.:yakyakyak

PS. David never thought to to give you my mobile for a meet. :(
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