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Well having just bought myself a dirty diesel as I am now covering around 600miles a week one of the 75 will have to go, not too bothered which one. Both cars have been very well looked after and are in great condition for their age and mileage

So 2002 prefacelift Classic 1.8

2 owners from new, current owner since 2005

Service @ 8966 on 18/08/2003
Service @ 17794 on 19/07/2004
Service @ 26235 on 20/04/2005
Service @ 33315 on 27/03/2006
Service @ 40264 on 02/04/2007
Cambelt, cylinder head gasket and service @ 47801 on 10/2007
New exhaust valves and cambelt and cylinder head gasket and service @ 63222 on 09/10/2008
Service @ 76402 on 12/10/2008
Front Brake pads and offside front spring @ 79891 on 23/01/10
Cambelt, water pump, alternator and power steering belt @ 82283 on 07/04/2010
New exhaust backbox to cat @ 82355
New nearside front spring @ 83224
Service @ 94046 (this year cant remember exactly when)

Now on 98k


2004 Facelift Connoisseur SE 1.8

Absolutely gorgeous car, fully loaded, full leather, heated electric seats, climate control, roof mounted TV

Headgasket, cambelt and waterpump replaced on 08/04/2010
Towbar fitted and new discs and pads 21/07/2009
Full service 10/12/2009
Serviced about 2 months ago, will have to check service book on 52k

Now on 57k


Open to sensible offers or part exchanges for a sporty weekend warrior, call 07557349658


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