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Combining the x-power forums,, zt75community and the75andztclub we are arranging the following meeting for ROVER 75 AND MG ZT cars only.

The big bonus of the meet is that Trever from BXR car's, Northern Irelands MG specialist is coming to the meet and bringing his T4 computer, to enable additional factory options for FREE, which would normally cost the guts of 30quid an hour. This is only available to people with the 75/zt as it is not suitable on other MG cars.

The meeting will be held on August the 1st @ The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

National Museums Northern Ireland

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum illustrates the way of life past and present, and the traditions of people in the north of Ireland. The Folk Museum invites you to visit a typical Ulster town of the early 1900s and to stroll through yesteryear’s countryside with its farms, cottages, crops and livestock.

The development of the Museum’s town, Ballycultra, offers opportunities to experience at first hand a real sense of life in the early 1900s. Costumed visitor guides, working buildings and exhibits, as well as the chance to touch, to hear and to do, bring our stories to life. Skills once commonly practised, such as lace-making, samplermaking, spinning, weaving, wood turning and forgework are demonstrated and taught in the open air Museum.

On a daily basis visitors can see a number of activities taking place, such as printing, open hearth cooking, carpentry, basket making and needlework. The Transport Museum presents Ireland’s most comprehensive transport collection and includes the Irish Railway Collection and road transport galleries and also, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Flight X2 Experience’ exhibitions.

The Museum has a varied programme of major events from Midsummer Music Session in June to the Spirit of Christmas Past in December.

The prices are below on this page.

National Museums Northern Ireland
Now Trever from BXR cars will be doing the following options (if you car has them built in, 99% of ZT's and 75's have them) for the cars, however he will NOT be doing any fault diagnosis might take up time and he wants to make sure everyone gets the options they want. (Y)

Factory options that can be activated -

Daylight running sidelights (side and tail lights on with ignition on)

'Intelligent' wipers (wiper speed slows at speeds below 5 mph)

Speed locking of doors (doors lock when speed gets to walking pace)

'Lazy lock and vent' (open/close windows & Sunroof using the key in door lock only)

Single point entry (first fob press opens drivers door, second press opens the others)

Alter wiper sweeps with screenwash (none, 2,3 or 4 sweeps)

One press windows down (for all the windows)

One press window up (for the driver's window only)

'Bathrobe locking' (car can be locked from outside with engine running)

Headlamp delay (Allows car to be locked with headlights on to provide a short period of illumination)

Tail lamp off delay (as above)

Number plate off lamp delay (as above)
If anyone is interested in going (even if your just bringing your friends/mates wagon etc down) please PM me, so I can keep a personal list of who and what is going and IF they are interested in any activation of options.

Hope to see you folks there
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