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This is being held in corporation with MAD Tuning and will be held at OBD Autotune Ballymena.

The cost is very cheap as MAD Tuning (Mark Sterling) knows ODB owners very well.

£20 if we get 20 cars, and £25 if we get less than 20 cars. Four spaces are already taken up by MAD Tunings customers. Deposits will be required but we can deal with that closer to the time.

For those who have never been, a rolling road day simply means you car is driven by an experienced technician on a set of static "rollers" which will test your cars power output and performance for both petrol and diesel cars.

A video here is provided for those who havnt ever seen how its done.

Rolling Road Example Video

At the end of the rolling road you get a power figure for horsepower and torque, along with a print out which shows you how efficient your cars engine works. Additionally these print outs can show you if theres any faults with your cars and so on, so its a really good way of seing what your car can do.


Ive experience with ODB myself and they are an excellent bunch to work with, and proper car nutters so your in safe hands!

The address is as follows but heres a link to google map to see exactly where it is.

ODB Autotune on Google map

ODB Autotune
Unit 10
22a PennyBridge Industrial Estate
Northern Ireland


Before you take your car onto the rolling road make sure it is SAFE and well serviced.

Check your cars wheel alignment is good and also tyre pressures are correct. Finally make sure your coolant is well topped up and you have correct amount of oil in your engine.

Can everyone whos interested PLEASE contact me asap to book / reverse a run, we have a maximum of 40 runs on the day and already have half the runs filled up.
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