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Warren 1st in the Sprint Race (Reid gambled on Slicks in a drizzly start).

Reid 2nd in the Feature Race, Warren struggled with 42 kilos of ballast. All 4 MG's finished.

Don't want to say - but you had to have had to have been there.

Also great company with the what are becoming the regulars.

LimpMisfit & Sophie
Kev & Mrs Neal
Pete, Cambs with a petrolhead son/daughter. :D
Rob & Claire - great to see you.
Kelv - somewhere.
Martin - enjoyed the brief chat.

More on gatherings thread.

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Extreme was there too, know cos I met him!!
We had a good chat plus he got himself some PR stuff from the media centre with a little help from me!! :D

Good day

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MGR - Press Release

Anthony Reid secured MG's second podium of the day when finishing runner up to Vauxhall's James Thompson in the feature race. Having qualified on pole Anthony was positive that he could achieve a good result. On finishing he commented: "It was a really quick race and a shame I couldn't get one place better. Before the pit stop the car was flying and felt I had the measure of Thompson and the car balance was good. I came into the pit and had a fantastic stop. I had a good race with James (Thompson) but on the day he was just a shade quicker. The car's improved significantly over the past couple of weeks but it is so competitive out there. We've had a successful weekend and it doesn't get much better than this."

Warren's race was a difficult one from the start when the MG came under heavy amounts of contact. From then on in Warren experienced steering problems. On his race Warren said: "I didn't make a good start and I was being hit in all directions. I had some problems with the steering after that. Following the pit stop I'd dropped places and hit heavy traffic, in amongst the production class. From then on in It was just a case of completing the race."

Commenting on the weekend:
Rob Oldaker, managing director, MG Sport & Racing: "Obviously I'm delighted to get a first and a second in one weekend. We're improving all the time and starting to see the results of all the hard effort. We go to Mondello with more points and every one fills us with more confidence."

Dick Bennetts, managing director, WSR: "Very encouraging and very pleasing for Warren to win and also for Anthony, getting points in the bag. This should consolidate our second position in the championship and improve our position over Honda and Proton. It's the first time all the MG's have finished the same race and scored points. I look forward to Mondello."

Team Atomic Kitten:
Gareth Howell, car no. 21: "I gave away a lot of points this weekend due to some minor problems. Qualifying was brilliant with eighth in both races. I felt great for the start of the first race. I was in fourth when I had problem with the throttle that forced me to retire. The second race was going well but in was absolute pandemonium at the start. There was a lot of contact and I didn't know where I was. I managed to get some space but I didn't have a particularly good pit stop, which meant I lost places."

Collin Turkington, car no. 22: "I qualified tenth for both races which I was pretty happy with. In the sprint race everything was going well and at one stage I was leading the independents. I had a problem with a fuse, I lost power and I was out. In the feature race I got a reasonable start but coming into Abbey I locked up and was on the grass. I found myself at the back with the production class and basically tried to claw my way back. But, it feels good to finish"

Picture from the main site - more here Click

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I was there!

Yes indeed, 'Extreme' was there! But without a 'ZED' or anything else to brag about, I decided to keep a low profile - one of these days, given a bit more time and a better spectating venue than Silverstone certainly is, I will indeed come and introduce myself to whoever is 'in convoy' in a 'ZED'!

A stunning result, which might have been even better had a certain David Leslie not 'taken out' Warren in the Feature race, resulting in a spin dropping him down the field!

Going into this weekend I predicted that England would beat Sweden, and we would have two victories! Well, a draw, a first and a second is just about as good - well, at least Anthony and Warren tried!

A good day was had by me!

Many thanks Kelvin for your help and for sparing the time for several lengthy chats!

:) Happy Jubilee!


PS - Apologies for the lateness of the post. Got home at 8 - bathed, changed and in my local by 8.30 - just arrived home at 1.45am after 'several' pints :beerchug of Pedigree - TUT, TUT!
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