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The R75 uses a "K Bus" electrical system.

Basically means heavily multiplexed wiring, on a similar principle to computer networking.

The car runs a software programme with a central Bus link running through the car consisting of 3 wires. Presumably, in a few years there will be 1 wire running the length of the car doing everythig from rear brake lights to reversing sensors.

Found something absolutely brilliant with this car/K bus today. Read on:

Took a bulb out of the rear tail light. Turned on lights to test bulb failure warning:

Flashed up on drivers display bulb out warning. Then, after a couple of seconds, it put on the rear fog at what may have been reduced power so the car still had a running light at each side!!!!!!

Assume this probably works for lots of different situations, brake light out it may put on the rear fog when you press the pedal, whilst still warning you to change the bulb!!!!

How brilliant are these cars????

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