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R75 Door Panel Removal

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R75/ZT Door Panel Removal

I have changed the speakers in my R75.

Door panel removal is a little tricky.

If anyone else wants to remove the panel I will post info on here.
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Was thinking about speaker upgrade after reading your posts
how do you get the door cards off?

Front door panel removal:

Unscrew the screw in the window demister inlet. Towards the front of the panel, mates with dash when door is shut.

Use a small flatblade screwdriver and prise up the electric window switch assembly. Use the screwdriver and prise it at around the 3 or 9 O clock position. Remove window switch pack, some of the metal clips that hold it in may fall off, but these insert back in easily. Undo the multiplug or plugs (2 nr on drivers side).

Prise out the screw cover in the interior door handle release cowling using a small flatblade. Unscrew screw behind here. Wiggle door handle housing back and forth and up and down. Then, push it towards the rear of the car as far as it will go, pull the front of it and it will start to pop out. Work around it with fingers and it will eventually release from door panel.

Turn it through 90 degrees so that when the panel is removed you can push it through.

Now, this bit may seem like you are being a little brutal but it is the way it is. Insert a leverage tool, flatblade screwdriver, etc under the bottom of the door panel around the middle (left to right) lever it outwards as it is held around the side by a series of pushstuds, work around from around 10 o clock round to 2 o clock pulling off the panel and hearing the studs "pop."

Once you are sure all the studs are removed, put your fingers around the top where it meets the window trim and sort of lift it upwards and backwards so it comes off the clips it sits on along the window. Now lift the whole panel upwards, taking care that nothing stops it and manouvering it, ensure you travel upwards so as not to bend the door lock push stud, or snag the door handle (pass it through. The panel will lift around 6 inches and then you are able to remove it from the car.

You will see why you have to lift it, in the centre of the door you will see two (front) or one (rear) plastic square things sitting on the middle of the door. Use pliers to compress the metal prong sticking out the middle of it and remove it, this then pushes up onto the metal section that is part of the door panel. This then pushes back onto the prong on reassembly and forms the strong hold at the rear of the handle you use to close the door.

All of this may seem a little confusing but will make sense when you carry it out.

Rfitting is the reverse, but clip the round plastic thing onto the door panel and feed the wires back into the window button arpeture. Also, ensure that you drop the panel nicely onto the door lock button so as not to bend it.

Once all is OK, firmly push the panel in the middle and you will feel the square plastic clip snap onto the metal prong on the door frame, then work round and puch the sides to clip in the "pop studs.

Assemble the rest and you are there!!

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