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Have you guys/girls experienced any of these niggles with your R75/ZT?

Probably more relevent to the ZT boys and if not then the omens are good!.

The R75 I owned was a thoroughly reliable mile muncher. Superbly comfortable and a joy to drive.

I only experienced VERY minor niggles, which I guess have been sorted on later R75's.

1. Rear external door handles sticking.
2. Rattle from drivers door window area.
3. Fuel tank sender.
4. Shock absorbers creaking (an 'orrible noise).

I had problems 1 - 2 - 3. All sorted extremely professionally by MGR and Kernahan of Witney. Example "Ivan I have a problem with the fuel gauge". Bring it in (2 days time) we'll have a sender ready to fit!

Problem 2, this was never quite sorted. In fact the new owner ist still "living" with it. The real problem is that the car is SO quite any distraction such as a squeak and/or rattle is most aparent.

Problem 4, was apparent on earlier built cars, using a French shock aborber supplier - problem now eliminated. I never had this problem but I know others did and MGR sorted this one very quickly.

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I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't seem to have had any major problems.

My R75 has been to the dealers twice now for minor problems and they were:

a. Shock Absorber replacement (4 in total)

b. Seat Belt within the housing jammed.

Other than these I've had trouble free motoring.


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Had my 75 CDT for 14 months now, a connosseur SE H/line and have had absolutely no problems since new. Very, very pleased with it.
Have read all about the problems you've experienced at other forums as well, hopefully the later versions have had all these niggles sorted out by MGR.

On another note, I'm toying with replacing my 16" multispokes with 17" serpents. Does anyone out there have any experience of these wheels, and whether it'd make sense to fit them to a CDT?

Can I expect it to improve handling etc etc???:)

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Excellent news, you are right even the odd little problem I experineced was nothing in comparison to owning a Vauxhalls that I had. Once bitten twice shy - bought 2 saloons - didn't learn quick enough. Doh!

Yep, the Rover 75 is a class car built to exacting standards.

Remember JD power had it #5. :D

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Would I be correct in saying that JD Power have "defected" to Autocar from the BBC's "Top Gear"?

I do hope so as it means I'll never have to buy that 'orrible "Top Gear" magazine again (my annual purchase being made to study the JD Power rankings.)

I reckon that the 75 will still have a decent position but probably not as high as 5th but I'm prepared to be wrong!

I bet MG-R are hoping the MGF will be ranked higher than it's bottom 10 placing last year. I'm also hoping for better results from the 25 and 45.

Fingers crossed folks!!

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Got the car in for the window rattle to be looked at.

Came back - Still rattles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is VERY annoying, sometimes it is bad and other times it goes away (when raining).

Thought long and hard and played around and in the end I have managed to resolve it-if you want a job done properly DIY.

Now, it only rattles very very lightly when cornering very hard round left hand bends

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