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Problem with another forum

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Recently joined another forum and it appears to have "frozen" on Friday evening sometime.
Cannot post, cannot contact anyone on there by PM or email, no new posts shown since Friday (it seems to be a busy site normally so cannot believe that) and cannot even log out - shows as "unable to log out as sessions don't match - please contact admin" or words to that effect.
Anyone ever come across this sort of thing and know a cure?
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It happens from time to time.

Which forum is it, someone else may have had a problem.
Not upset anyone Gary, and got yourslf banned!!!

Not upset anyone Gary, and got yourslf banned!!!

No mate - not .org AGAIN! :sofa:

When I look the latest posts etc are Fri approx 10pm and shows my last visit as 9pm ish
Looks like the site is down, says this on there at the moment

"babybmw is having maintenance applied - should be up again shortly"
baby bmw
must be just teething troubles!..... :D
At least its not me then!
Cheers guys :yup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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