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We've seen the ZT X power 500 and been told that this won't make production but I have to ask why not??

I've just been reading about the exact same engine in a Mustang usage in an Aussie car rag and it is stated as having a power output of 390kw - that's a fair way over 500bhp. Why then are MGR only using a detuned version with just 385ps? If the Ford can handle the power and torque why can't the excellent 75 rear drive chassis?

Also what exactly is the 260ps version? Don't tell me it's a detuned, supercharger-less V8.

Seems to me the 260 should be a hot KV6 - stroked to 3l and blown.

Answers anyone?

Patrick the 385 bhp motor is up with the rest of the high power Ford "V8''

I'm led to believe the "385" monicker is a marketing name - as many other power outputs have been bandied about. In as much as the car is making considerably more than expected! 385 - 400bhp this is enough for most of us. You have to fuel it and keep rubber on the rims. I expect "MG Sport & Racing" will give the odd nutter the chance to tune upto 500 - 700bhp if required. Rob Oldaker mentioned that a driving course will be part of the purchase plan because of the cars wheel spinning antics! :D :D :D

I guess though they also have to take a sensible look on things, to please marketing and the "PC" types we have over here. Remember what happened to the Lotus Carlton - it was killed off by those saying it was the "fastest 4-door production car in the world"and what is wrong with that you may ask - nothing?

So basically I agree with you, but I can understand why they have detuned the motors.

The 260 is what you say - but think that is serious Horsepower for the money and competition - it will be a winner!
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