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I want to try and get all the peeps from here .org, xpower forums (if any) and together, for a massive meet, I know about the F&M show, and I want to get this meet together before this.

I would like to get everybody together, cause I know a few folk that might not have their MG's any longer than this year. So, with that in mind I would try and get together at a central spot so that all can attend, and I would like the cars split into the following catergories(sp?):

Rover's 200/25's, 400/45's, 75's Mk1's
MG's ZR's, ZS's, ZT's Mk1's

Rover's 25's, 45's, 75's Mk2's (Facelift Models)
MG's ZR's, ZS's, ZT's Mk2's (Facelift Models)

I know this will probably be a right pain in the rear end to organise, and would like to get it at Knockhill or something similar!
So, I need your comments if this is be a great sucess!

I be posting this on the other forums in the relevent sections.

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This is a killer thread... ZZzzzzzzzzzz....

Yea, im up for meets, im in the Glasgow area but Scotland is such that nowhere is too far... Meeting other petrol heads and seeing what others have done (or not) is a good thing...

We need more people though... Two blokes in a car park, nuf said...
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