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Poor "AC" on the V8 powered cars!

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Poor AC on the V8 powered cars!

I’ve had this car just over a month and its been looked at 3 times for its AC. The problem is that there is nothing wrong with the AC according to MG.

WRONG there is, it just doesn’t work effectively. Consequently the design must be wanting in some way - see bottom of post!

Last night for example we drove 6 miles and the screens barely cleared with HI selected on the AC interface. This isn’t right, plus the noise at this level is unbearable. Or is my expectations after the previous cars fitted with AC too high?

To be very frank – I’m disappointed and this niggle is starting to annoy.

I have to say I always drive with the AC on and this is spoiling the enjoyment of the 260.

AC info, A new HEVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) unit is fitted to the ZT 260. The new unit is a water-blend design featuring a dedicated electronic control unit to drive servo-motor valves to regulate the water flow around the heating circuit. This system has been refined to offer similar levels of response and control to the existing ZT’s acclaimed air-blending system. All models feature ATC (Automatic Temperature Control), using the familiar user-friendly interface of other ZT models.
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Just bouncing this thread up after todays posts on this issue!
Did you try the valve I mentioned Jerry? does make a difference.
This valve has been remanufactured to a higher standard and is offered by the 260 club.

The car I have seems to be working well.
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