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Poor "AC" on the V8 powered cars!

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Poor AC on the V8 powered cars!

I’ve had this car just over a month and its been looked at 3 times for its AC. The problem is that there is nothing wrong with the AC according to MG.

WRONG there is, it just doesn’t work effectively. Consequently the design must be wanting in some way - see bottom of post!

Last night for example we drove 6 miles and the screens barely cleared with HI selected on the AC interface. This isn’t right, plus the noise at this level is unbearable. Or is my expectations after the previous cars fitted with AC too high?

To be very frank – I’m disappointed and this niggle is starting to annoy.

I have to say I always drive with the AC on and this is spoiling the enjoyment of the 260.

AC info, A new HEVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) unit is fitted to the ZT 260. The new unit is a water-blend design featuring a dedicated electronic control unit to drive servo-motor valves to regulate the water flow around the heating circuit. This system has been refined to offer similar levels of response and control to the existing ZT’s acclaimed air-blending system. All models feature ATC (Automatic Temperature Control), using the familiar user-friendly interface of other ZT models.
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Funny you should raise the Heating/AC system on the 260 today, because I drove to Deptford first thing this morning with the heating on and sweltered, then coming home mid afternoon the cooling system seemed to work as well as the Tourer, so you must have a fault in your equipment. Of course my AC may show a defficiency once the better summer weather is with us.

Do you find low gears are lazy on pull away, and is this because the running in is not completed with only 380 miles recorded?

Still waiting for the outstanding accessories!!
AC performance 260

I see what you mean! As we have had a few high temp. days the AC is not working up to the standard of the ZT-T, and for that matter the 160.
One more thing for Dutton-Forshaw to look at on recall.
That is if the modified fuel pump ever comes, and it's been eight weeks since learning about the recall.

As I have said before ,this thread, my 260 AC is more than adequate, so Jerry has had bad luck just like my cross threaded problem.

Adequate is all I can say now, and certainly not as good as the ZT-T

Evening everbody.
I have not been on site for some time due to one reason or another.

I have owned both the ZT-T 190 and now the ZT260 and both cars have good AC. My MGF has also a good system and so did the Express during ownership
Have just returned from High Wycombe, an hour -and-a quarters run both ways on the M25/40/25 & 20 and the AC worked well although I think the Tourer had the edge!!

All this talk about tuning the 260!! What has happened to Sean Hyland and Dreadnought Garage? Or what Roger Parker can do!

Andy[The Valeter] may know

Brian Richardson
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