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Plato on Driven!

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Did you see Jason Plato on Driven! That guy is certainly a first class wheelman - lets just hope he does drive a BTCC car - I don't care if it isn't a EX259! He is needed in the championship!

What about that Civic Type R and it's a Brit car - built in Swindon. This would have been the new 45/ZS if it wasn't for *** muscling in during the last decade! :(
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plato is a top geezer and if i win the lotery this weekend ,i'll buy him a 259 just to wind jim up :D
JIM's a stubborn mule at times. Plato so competative and relaxed - did you see him smiling during the race with S2000 - well they both were!

Have to say that Civic Type R is a cracker - at nearly a third of the price of a ZT385! :D :D
Have a bit of a soft spot for the Type R in me too...(and what It could have been, correctly)
However, I would NOT have any car with the gearstick poking out of the dash!

Leave that to the 2CV/Renault 4 Export.....
Sorry guys, I just can't stand the guy. He might be ok on Driven in a a controlled enviornment but get him in a race car and he sees RED MIST. It's the wrong mist though. Thinks you have to hit everything in sight.

I'm not the only one that thinks this. TOCA have come close to banning the guy on a number of occassions. If my memory serves me right, he was banned early in his career.

Rest my case.


You can rest as many cases as you like - but as I recall you thought "James Hunt" was a star because of character (I wholeheartedly agree).

He was also knicknamed "Hunt the Shunt", so how can you say Plato is a lousy driver. He is in the same mold - an aggressive, confident, talented driver.
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Over the years lots of excellent drivers have been accused of trying so hard that they ended up barging others out of the way.

It has happened to Schummacher, Senna, Villeneuve (Jiles), etc, etc.

Give the guy a chance.

We complain when the press knocks British cars, then do the same to British drivers! ! !
It's as if we are frightened to be good at things in the country, can I point out that there was a time that we were the best at most things, we can be again, SO DON'T BE AFRAID.
See Crash Net Plato is not driving in the BTCC. Really disappointing. He is driving in ASCAR!
Knew about this last Friday! It's hardly suprising given his on track antics. He's like a lose canon shell ready to go off at any moment.

Wonder how he would fair at Le Mans!

Plato's Website

If anyone interested??

Platos Website
Last week I was PLATO'D. I was sitting at a roundabout when this idiot ran into the back of the barge and rebounded off the old girl. Immediately I thought this must be Plato.

Jason is a nice bloke and a B****y good driver! IMHO

I saw Plato drive 22 races out of 26 in 2001. A shame he has gone to ASCAR, but I wish him luck in his ambition to drive in NASCAR

As I have stated the bloke is a menace on a race track. Don't forget he was banned some years ago when driving a Duckhams sponsored F3 car for being dangerous.

Some of the world best footballers have been shown the red card! (more than once) Does not make them any less qualified to do the job!

No one is perfect on the road or track,
we can all find mistakes with our (and others) driving abillity.

Plato a menace? No!
A will to win! Yes!

My final comment!
Jim,why dont you just bite the bullit and admit plato is a ACE jerry has pointed out earlier you are a little selective about the driving atributes of some drivers(hunt).
IIRC, you were less than complimentary about Mr Hughes at donnington,saying he had to go.then the next race at brands he gets pole :D
i'll bet you hughesy will get more points than reidy this year too!
Look boyz, how can you place Jason (the name in itself is a joke) in the same league as Win Percy, Chris Craft, Jeff Allam or Andy Rouse. Remember at Thruxton in the late '80's when Soper and Rouse were neck and neck. Neither would give an inch. Sierra Cosworths at full chat, Rouse the privateer and Soper in an Eggenberger Cossie. I would hate to think what antics "our Jase" would have used to win.

He's not safe.

As for my hero James. Yep, he had the name "Hunt the Shunt". One difference is, is that he had almighty prangs on his own and not punting off every Tom, Dick or Harry that got in his way unlike Playdo!

Exracted this from Lincolnshire Echo dated 14th March 2002 by Iain Robertson scribe for Motorsport who did a piece for the new season.

Although last year's Touring Car Champion, Midlander Jason Plato, is missing from the line-up, having created such a "bad taste" in the mouths of the organising body for his displays of "unsporting behaviour" and "childish shenenanigans" towards the end of play in 2001, there are still plenty of reasons to head for the circuits this season.

Need I say anymore. Told you so.

AHHH yes , the Linconshire Echo.LOL
If you are gonna use some press cliping to back your arguments up then atleast use something a little more respected than the local FREE paper :D
Jason Plato was the topic of conversation today at brands,i cant name no names but someone VERY high up in MG racing thinks he is a VERY good driver.
cream floats and so will plato in the new race series.
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