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Photobucket phone app

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This thing is amazing. I'm sure most of you have come across photobucket ( as a place to store / share photos. I've been using the photobucket app from android market now and I can't say amazed I am at its uses.

Totally free, it automatically uploads any photo you take on your phone to photo bucket;

- Makes posting pictures on the net dead simple
- Keeps a backup of your photos online
- You can delete the original off your phone to free up space!

Check it out, Dead handy
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Yeah I've had it for a little while now, I really like it. You can take a photo and post it up on a forum from your phone in no time :)
I'll check it out.
Have a look for Snapbucket Android app, its made the Photobucket folk & it's a fun addition to the PB app on your phone.
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