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Passenger Airbag Cover...

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what happens to it when the airbag goes off? Does it flip up? Fly off and hit you in the face? Disintergrate:) ???????
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Hopefully we'll never find out...

I presume it flips down/up and moves out of the way.

Dunno, is someone game enough to crash their car to find out?

The passemgers airbag cover flips up. but where does the one from the steering wheel go?

And how do they get out of the sides of the seats?
Witnessed an accident.

The other week coming through Stowe on the Wold and turning onto the burford road, I witnessed a 3 car pile up.

A car came out of a junction hit the car 2 in front of me and bounced into a car head-on which fortunately was slowing for the junction! What happened next was an example of British apathy. First, the car in front and I stopped to assist, the debris also meant the road was closed.

Anyway, the first assister soon realised everyone was fine, meanwhile I phoned for assistance (Police/Ambulance). What happened next nothing - cars & trucks built up creating very long queues, while the other guy and myself ensured all was fine.

OT - the airbags appeared to have caused no subsidiary injuries - all I noticed was the dust/smell caused by the explosive inflation in the cars atmosphere!

Back to the story, Police arrived and we decided to move one of the cars to open the road. The car had severly broken suspension and we could not move it. Meanwhile a truck driver looked on, well he did until I gave him what for! Unbelievable, it's not in my backyard mentality Brits! :(

NB. The other assister - I found out worked for a MGR consultancy and was taking delivery of a ZR from Kernahan - small world!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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