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You know me Jerry :)

All details relating to you and the car stay with me, the lists on the forum are voluntary, no one else has the main database. On a few occasions I have had requests from new owners to contact previous owners with questions and every time, once approval is confirmed, pasted e-mails on to allow contact.

You are welcome to become an owner member and will notice the benefit. I think we are the only people stocking new replacement rear discs less than £380 a set, plus the heater valve and top hose up-grades.

Word of warning; if you do go it alone, traders don't understand the difference between FWD ZT's and the V8.

Thanks Colin Murrell - are you on commission? :)

If I buy a car - I would prefer all my personal details to remain so. I do not want my address and VIN to be catalogued on a database - managed by someone I don't know. If the rules were changed I would join....

I do know that any parts needed are readily available and always will be - would you not agree?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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