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Me and the Mrs have this week been accepted for a mortgage, so all my crap has to go before we find a place... Or so she says!! lol

All of these prices are posted unless stated, and im open to offers on multiple items etc. I will adjust prices accordingly if people wish to collect from Bexley, Kent.

So, here goes!

3 door ZR bumpstrips (in white) £15
160 front subframe £45
220 turbo front subframe £45
220 turbo rear subfram £40 COLLECTED
Non sharkfin ZR spoiler (black, needs painting though) £20
Mk1 front splitter (in white, with end caps) £25
ZR plastic rear inner arches £20
160 rear subframe (seems to have been slightly damaged in storage, cannot remove lower arm as it seems to be been slightly where it fits the subframe) £20 COLLECTED
220 turbo engine mounts £50
Mk1 headlights (one broken clip on drivers) £25
Rover 200 steering column and UJ £25
ZR160 steering column and UJ £25
160 plug cover £10
Full set of door and window seals £45
220 turbo top radiator hose £15
220 turbo loom ( ideally for zr conversion, needs work) £20
ZR lower arm, drivers side £13
All 4 side windows £40
160 ABS unit £18
2x 220 turbo fuseboxes £10 each
2x ZR fuseboxes £10 each
ZR coolant resevoir £10
Approx. 2m high pressure fuel hose £9
ZR rubber rear strut top covers £8
2x exhaust rubbers £5 each
Electric mirror adlustment switch £5
ZR passenger door lock motor £12
ZR passenger window motor (no frame) £12
160 camside rubber mount £10
ZR wiper motor £12
160 camside mount (between engine and rubber mount) £10
620ti cam side mount ( " " ") £10
ZR bonnet hinges £8
160 fuel filter £8
Rover turbo oil filter £8
160 injectors, loom and rail £20
160 starter motor £12
ZR tail lamps £20
ZR roof lining £10 COLLECTED
ZR centre console £14
ZR handbrake surround £10
ZR handbrake £12
ZR hazard switch £4
ZR fog switches (front and rear) £6
ZR window demister switch £4
ZR front indicators £10
MK1 foglight surrounds (in white) £10
Mk1 foglights £15
MK1 bumper (bare, number plate recess smoothed, but has a crack in it, in white) £25 COLLECTED
Wasted spark ECU ( fully decoded by AA Autosport, code number MKC104070) £40
17" Wolfrace Octanes (need a refurb, one has a flat spot, one has a dent, 2 decent tyres, rare wheels once refurbed) £80 COLLECTED
ZR Glovebox £12
ZR dash clock £8
ZR rubber dash cubby mat £8
ZR dash air vents £10
ZR wiper stalks £10
ZR dash cubby pocket £8
ZR wing indicators £8
ZR headlight levelling switch £5
ZR manual wing mirror rubber adjuster covers £4
ZR dash clock surround £5
ZR 3dr kick strips £10
ZR speedo surround £10
ZR electric window control module £10
ZR interior dooe handles £10
ZR exterior door handles (in white) £12

All of this is what I have cleared so far, I still have more to sort out, so if you are after anything then drop me a PM. Thanks for looking guys!

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Where the lower ARM connects its slightly bent. Dunno how it happened.

Hubs aren't there.

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NSR or both caliper carriers, with pins please! If they are from a ZR160/ZS180.

edit, am posting same request on that ZS breaking thread, apologies if I get a replay from there first.
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