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I hate to be a doom monger but if Pakistan carries out a first nuclear strike against India what sort of missiles are they going to use and what would the worldwide environmental implications be?. How will it affect us Brits?, i know there are hundreds of probabilities but what is the worst case scenario?. Any experts in this field out there?.


Don't depress me. :help: If it was confined to India and Pakistan and they lobbed a few missiles - Asia would be finished. Our economy would slip and the world would go into an economic meltdown. :(

Power bases would be unbalanced (Middle East - China - Libya) and that's not before we discuss fall-out from the bombs.

We can't let it happen - just remember the nuclear accident at Chenobyle (s). Scotland experinced falllout from it, people are still dying from the affects of Radiation poisoning today there. Thats after a small accident - large accidents like 100 missiles?????? :frust
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