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paint balling day out. tickits now available (must read)

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this is getting booked for 17th of april

right boys and girls you may remember a few months ago, I made a thread about paintballing and I a few people said they were interested...

So I went out today and bought 30 tickets for anyone. Whoever wants to come just put your name down.

They say this is the best paintballing day out.
Through the day the drinks and food is free, you get a body vest and full head helmet and 200 paintballs. If you buy more paintballs, its £10 for 100 then after that is £6 for a 100. The tickets are normally £30 but since I bought in bulk i got them for just £15 which is mega cheap for what you get throughout the day... Plus, it will be a great laugh and we'll have loads of fun!

Its not like other paintballing where you run from one side to the other without getting shot, there are missions you have to do such as defend a plane while terroists try to get in to plant a bomb, there is capture the flag and many others.

Its a planned day and will take at the least 8 hours to complete.

There is a number of places where this can be held but I think im going to choose the one in Leeds as it is in between most people.

For payments, its up to you I would like a £5 deposit in to my paypal and pay me the rest on the day or just pay full in to my paypal.

The date is not set yet as i can book when I want but I thought it would be best to see when was the best for everyone.

It will be fun and we'll have a great laugh... Here is website if you want to check it out...

Add names to list and I will update on first post... Even bring a mate if you want!

Thanks Kane
red = paid deposit
blue = paid in full

Kane zr
Mark Vin Diesel
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