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OT - 10mph speed limits.

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What is going on? In Oxfordshire the constabulary have enforced a 30mph speed limit in any built up area - FINE! Also understand the awareness/safety aspect near schools etc!

Now my Town Council - proposes a 10 mph speed limit in certain areas as a trial - how do they enforce this? My speedo won't even work to read a max of 10mph accurately!

Best I get off line and write them - what a crazy world we live in?

NB. Still no yellow painted speeding cameras yet - don't know if you heard but on the Cheltenham - Burford road the local population either bent the cameras out of line (farmers - lorries)or cut them off entirely. :D There were around about 20 cameras on a mileage of 20! :(
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LOL:cool: Up here on the A34 'twixt Stafford and Stoke, our local GATSO alley, some wags have painted "flasher only" on the dummy ones!
Yep, I've often thought about arming myself with some DAYGLO paint - but I'm too law abiding for that!"

What do these do gooders really think they achieve with speed bumps and traffic calming and cameras on decent roads?
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