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eeeerrrrrrrrrrr........... Hello!
my name is kevin and i come from benfleet and..............................
every thing i need in life is here:) except MG chicks:O)
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I know - wasn't sure about yet another FORUM. However, the MEGA saga at the MG Webring Forums spoilt that one - no control! Although there is no moderation here at the moment!!

Steve Childs is also another one that springs to mind, nevertheless competition is good.

The Yahoo Groups are OK - but the mails are either too forthcoming or not at all. Plus the recent spate of VIRUS's hasn't helped the Yahoo Groups. I have counted numerous of mails with attachments I've had to delete!

Anyway hopefully this Forum will be a positive addition to the MGR world!

Please post links to girlies Kev. There is a facilty to show pictures on threads either by link or otherwise. Left the link option live at the moment - too save disc space at the server! :D

Well this is unusual - a long post from me! :)
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Pleased to say I've just returned from my travels! Before leaving the Far East I managed to sort out the website and this Forum. Will personalise it when I get some time!

FYI: My other website is at However, for those that know it, I've recently done a lot of hacking at the content. The reason is to reduce the topics that require updating and thus my web space, costs and time I spend on the key board. I may let it whither, but as yet undecided.

I'm also looking for a sponsor to help out with this Forum and/or website costs if anyone can suggest one? My intention is only to have ONE sponsor and I'm not looking for a hand out - just a part sponsorship from ONE company only. So that the website/Forum would be sponsored by xxxxxx garage!

Your suggestions are most welcome! :)

>i'm looking for a sponsor<
how about kernahans ?
your always reccomending them anyway :O)

I have approached them once - will try again! :)

Eh! could always change allegiance and move to a dealeship near the smoke! :) :)
>Eh! could always change allegiance and move to a dealeship near the smoke<


Do you have a connection with TRIDENTS? Apprently that is where my ZS is going next week to have all its problems ironed out :rolleyes:

Take it you are unimpressed with your ZS? I remember the door panel fit and dealer problems you have had from other Forum posts.

Not wanting you to duplicate too much - but if you could list your problems - dealer diagnosis and eventual fix would give a balanced argument to XS ownership under the ZS Forum, I'm sure it would be most helpful.

On the sponsor front, I do have a contact and it's not Kernahan or Tridents!
Hi Jerry

Good idea. I will post the list once I know the outcome. I'm now off skiing for a week, hopefully it will all be sorted when I return.
Thanks on the car front.

Lucky blighter, I wanted a skiing trip this year, unfortunately the junior daughter wanted a warmer holiday. So we're trudging off to Tenerife. Personally I would rather stay home than get "sun Burnt".

Is it Europe or North America? :)

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