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Oil Usage

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Just read elsewhere of an owners excessive OIL CONSUMPTION on what I believe is a ZS180 (could be very wrong). The owner is registered on this board (very recently) and does not live too far from my dealership.

Rather than get angry and get even! Try Kernahans, it may take them a few days or you more than one visit, but they will try to fix it if a fix is possible.

Story as an example: I bought a new Mini Cooper (the first limited edition on the relaunch in 1990). All hype and no go! Anyway, the delivering dealer was Swindon Automobiles. Within 500 miles the car developed what was typical sound of a blown exhasut, which turned out to be a exhaust manifold seal with complications! Swindon Automobiles showed little or no interest as the car was ordered through a third party.

I contacted Kernahans who said no problem bring it in and we'll look at it. They diagnosed an engine block not machined correctly - answer NEW engine! Which like other owners with problems at low mileages naturally retort with "I'm not buying another one of these again!". Don't know why but we did in 1996. :D

To complete the long story Kernahan's did the job and with a smile. Talking recently to the dealership, they tell me that do a lot of this sort of thing, rectify other dealers engineering problems. Give 'em a call and ask for Ivan!

Or just try another dealership. This is what will destroy MGR's Phoenix - bad dealers! :(
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