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Oh Dear!

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It would appear that the land of the BMiniW is not a happy one.....

And check out the problems thread..And they have the nerve to think that MG-R's are unreliable!!!
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On second thoughts, I dont think it would be at all right to use thes boards as a slag off of other cars, as generally we are above all that....But forgive me just this once for that ludicrous contraption ;)
LOL dave, finaly dispells the myth of german reliability,and bmw went to great lenghts to distance rover from any part in the design of the bmw mini so they can't throw any mud in that direction.
bmw should stick to what they know (rear wheel drive) and leave compact FWD to the experts
Think positive, at least the guy hosting the site and/or Forum is using the same Forum hoster as I -

Have to say he's made a good job of the colour combinations though - I've just removed THAT green until I give it some thought!



I know we all have our BMW axes to grind and I feel as strong as Dave on this - but I can't help liking the new MINI shape. Also the COOPER S does come in competively priced, especially if you add in the £100 servicing for 5 years!


Dave, write as much on other companies as you like on this sub heading - if the moderators don't like the content (slanderous etc) then it can be edited! :)
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Shouldn't it be called a Maxi? What is MINI about it? I saw one standing next to a Metro, yet the *** was considerably bigger than the Metro!
The word 'mini' evokes fond memories in many of us.

Another thing that *** has denied MGR from using again.
I seem to be the only one who doesn't like the new *** Mini.
I like this one


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I also much prefer the 'proper' mini.

It is the memories of my first 850 mini which are still with me that I hold dear.

It is just a pity that *** has got hold of the name and put it on that medium sized thing.
We seem to agree on quite a few things:)
Sorry, I've had numerous minis - loved the handling.

1. Pick Up (1st car).
2. mini 1000 (2nd car).
3. mini 1100 clubman (3rd car) - new.
4. mini 1275 GT - new.
5. mini 1000 - new.
6. mini city - new.
7. mini cooper - new.
8. mini cooper sportpack - demo!

However, they are not very durable or reliable!

Would have bought the new MINI if it had been in MGR's hands and not *** (was ordered and cancelled for the first MGF). Still like it though, sorry guys. Saw a Cooper S near Cowley (*** Oxford) a couple of days ago in what I would call Persian Aqua.

Strange that the build quality is lousy, as the Cowley work force built high quality R75's.

Have to say I sat in demo and the drivers seat was broken as people were using the wrong lever to attempt to recline the seat and hence broke it!

However, for £15k the Civic Type R is probably the better bet!
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My local MGR dealer has told me that the Longbridge 75's are even better made than the Cowley ones. And I still don't like the new Mini:)

The Longbridge built R75/ZTs are better than Cowleys. I didn't explain myself well, I was trying to say with the *** influence the Cowley built 75's should be good.

Remember all we keep hearing is the words *** MINI, when 2 years ago it was the Rover MINI. Many MORE of us would have bought it if it had remained in MGR hands - me for one! It still has a lot of MGR content today. Yes, maybe it should have been called the MAXI, but built correctly with a "K" series it would have been a world beater. It's only selling on the back of *** status at the moment! :(
The general shape isn't the problem, it's the size, it's too big. I drive a 600 and my 600 looks smaller. I'm surprised you said there was a fair amount of MGR content, I'm not sure where. Also, I thought the car that MGR wanted as a Mini was the one I posted recently.
Have to agree about the handling of the 'proper' mini.

My first car was a mini - 1966 Mini 850 super deluxe, flared arches, wheel spacers, 12" steering wheel etc.

I thought that it was the dogs thingys - well worth the £55 that it cost me at auction.

Somehow can't get enthused the same about the latest car which shares the name.

All the content is British apart from the motor! Have a look around you will recognise Brit parts used in current models. The dash has got to be from the same manfacturer as the R75's. I totally agree about the size - it is deceptively huge - the width is MEGA (is this a Ford word - LOL)!

However, it is a fashion item and I'm sure it slaes will stall. Yes, Robin the concept you posted the other week - was a mini!

PS. Stand to be corrected on the Brit content!
How much ***'s brains and how much Rovers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the size was probably ***'s idea? The fact that the "Real Minis" idea of small on the outside and big on the inside has gone is another *** idea?
cerbman said:
How much ***'s brains and how much Rovers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the size was probably ***'s idea? The fact that the "Real Minis" idea of small on the outside and big on the inside has gone is another *** idea?
No ARGUMENT. However, I still like it, but as previously I doubt I would ever buy one. Choices in that sector for me would be.
1. Civic Type
2. ZS180

PS. I would have bought the later until the ZT385 came along but Kernahans persuaded me to buy the EVO. Which is awesome - but financially the ZSD180 is also a great car (this is after yesterdays experience).
Yes, the ZS180 is a diamond, the ZT V8's look awesome.
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