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"The Northern MG Owners (NMGO) owes its existence to a posting on one of the plethora of alternative BBS services. This MG enthusiasts BBS is a vibrant success because it is free, open, interactive and democratic. These are the founding principles of NMGO too.

From the small beginnings of Andy Gilhooley's BBS post grew a huge 160-post thread that spawned the NMGO.

"To all northern 'Fers. There seem to be a few more of us lurking around the BBS now, and a few of you have expressed an interest in meeting up, so let's have some suggestions of venue and activities!!" 15th Feb 2002

Within a couple of months we had 15 MG's and 25 people meeting in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales for an 80-mile challenging drive that received enthusiastic appreciation.

The Internet generation has little appetite for traditional clubs with their committees, rules and elitism. The NMGO is a group with little such formality or rules; excepting that an MG is required! Each of us may bring something, be it organisational skills, route planning or website expertise. But, what we all bring is enthusiasm for enjoying MG cars, driving for pleasure and sharing the experience of driving the best roads in the North West of England.

Thanks for starting it all Andy!

Enjoy NMGO, the website and the events; see you there!"

Details of all our forthcoming events and reports, pics and vids from previous events are on our website click here

Zed Heaven
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Just a quick update on Meet-Up #2...just over a week away now!

The following are all confirmed participants:

Andrew Digwood 1 F
Neil Parker 2 F
Andy Wright 1 F
Carl Fairhurst 1 F
Clive Leach 1 F
Andrew Gilhooley 1 F
Paul Harrison 1 F
Ian Walker 1 TF
Cliff Horner 2 ZR
Findlay Colquhoun 1 ZR
Kevin Blades 2 ZR
Rob Hargreaves 1 ZR
Simon Busfield 3 ZR

This makes it now 13 MGs and 18 people.

We have made provisions with The Kings Arms for a few latecomers so it's still not too late to get yourself on the guest list!

Come on...what are you waiting for. Nice people, nice drive, what more could you ask for.

Get over to our website and submit your details to us.

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