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I upgraded in June to a Nokia 6700 & about 2 to 3 weeks after I got it I noticed it behaving oddly (perhaps) Maybe someone can tell me whether it is normal for this to happen or not!

As on presumably all mobile phones there is a green button on the left & in the case of current Nokia phones is the call log as in made,recieved & missed. I believe I am right in assuming the first call in the list is the most recent & the call at the end of the list is the least recent!!

Anyway after a couple of weeks the log jumbled up some of the calls so they wern't in date & time order = most odd. Also on a couple of occasions I went to call a number & pressed the green button to scroll through the log list to find the number had vanished then out of the blue a "NO NUMBER" appears in the list as a dialled call with no time or date - how can you call a no number?

I sent the upgrade back after about 3 to 4 weekes & they sent a replacement which I found out is a recon unit (replacements are apparently). Anyway within a week this started doing the same so I called T-Mobile & said these phones are crap so they agreed to send me another brand new one which I started to use last week (the other is still with me ready to send back lol).
I have had constant issues with the bluetooth integrated system in my new Freelander 2 in as much as it is antiquated rubbish resulting in me aborting most calls to either call back on a landline or when I am away from the car. The Freelander was booked in at a dealer for another survey of the system yesterday & whilst the driver was giving me a lift back I was telling him about the Nokia. I also said that this is the 3rd one of these phones I had had but this ones seems to be OK with the bluetooth leaning me to think that there wasn't a problem with the car & more a problem with the phone as this one was behaving normally.

(Famous Last Words - Literally). When I got indoors I went to call a number to find that I had not 1 but 2 dialed calls as "NO NUMBER" & the call from Landrover administration to see how I was getting on had vanished. Later yesterday it had deleted one of the NO NUMBERs then it re-appeared but they were not together. Then later a call came in & I answered it so I thaught only according to the phone I didn't so I rang the number but a few minutes later the number was not there.
I rang T-Mobile again last night & they said we will do a re-boot by removing the battery while the phone is off & this may take 24 hours. 24 hors later & is still the same.

Question is - is this normal or is someone upstairs telling me that I am not supposed to have a Nokia 6700? Or could the car bluetooth system be playing tricks with the phone?
P.S. Sorry for long post......................

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That sounds very strange.

Do a search on the net about the phone and see if any of the user sites bring this up.

Also check for softwear updates.
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