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This group is for anything Rover / MG Rover owners club based in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Ireland in general regardless of the owners clubs you belong to, it has been based upon the Rover 75 or MG ZT owners previously.

All events that occur in Northern Ireland / Republic are not excluding to just Rover 75's and MG ZT's. We welcome any car wth a Rover connection, from British Leyland to Rover engined kit and production cars. Details of upcoming NI/ROI events, reports and photos of events organized will be published on these pages as well as in the various forums.

We are not a true club locally starting off with members from a variety of online forums, simply we believe that fun and friendship are the only requirements! Doesnt matter if your car is a daily with a few dents (like my own 75) or a show spec car, we welcome you.

Our photo archive is of a variety of Rover and MG, modern and classics in appreciation of them all.

Our owners day each year are huge!

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