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New style Rover badge (custom)

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After hours of trying out designs we have finally got to the stage of doing a few samples of the new style Rover badge.We have had to make some very slight changes due to the size of parts of them but all being well we will be able to get these into production.I am sending some samples to the kind member who bought two original early style ones and also emailed a very in depth Pdf file for us to work from so he can give us the yes or no to how they fit.Here are some pictures to give an idea on how they have come along .Prices will be released when we get the final go ahead.


Layer 1

Layer 2 (can be any colour )

All layers applied but not domed yet

We also tried out the small badges that go on the 1/4 panels which were possibly the most annoying badges I have put together

Comments welcome
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Cheers mate
Been trying to get them right for ages now
spot on daz, maybe best advertising on mg rover be a good seller id think
They are in my section on there too mate as the guy that asked me to do them is on there ;)
interesting, the sail in X power Green would be a nice touch to a hot Rover :)
interesting, the sail in X power Green would be a nice touch to a hot Rover :)
The samples are going to guy that has sent us all the details for his verdict on them.Doing the sale in green will not be a problem.
I'm still wanting an MG, Rover shaped badge. :)
Will try sort that out for you mate
Very nice indeed:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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