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It's here what do we all think about the new MG TF?

Personally, I like the MR2 style external styling. I would hope that the change to conventional suspension should mean that tyre wear will no longer be a problem!

Wonder how the 160ps version is getting through SVA? The MGF Trophy was supplied to the dealership without the sports exhaust fitted so that it could pass the manufactures emission regulations! Does it mean it has a low build level?

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Do I hear a whisper of a 200 bhp variant later on in the year?.......
This would be my first post... hope I can pull a good 'un out the bag!

Haven't heard anything about the 200bhp variant, but I'll do some digging. Hope the new car is a bit bigger than the MGF though as I'm too flamin big to fit in it. (6'5"!) Maybe they can do something with the seats?

Watch this space to see how I get on, we're getting 30 (yup, thirty) MGTFs delivered to our compound over the next few days.... shame though, they're all off over to Portugal for a photoshoot once we've done the PDIs...

I've gotta say I love the new styling of the TF... its got a few elements from the front of the X80. I reckon this motor will fly outta the dealerships!!
Great suggestion Dave, be good to get some pictures of the interior and/or different aspects. :)

MG Addict: If you do have any, I'll get the Img posting function turned ON! ;)
Watch this space folks!

I'm at the site tomorrow for a meeting and hopefully some cars will have arrived by the time I get there... if not I will have a chat with a collegue who (handily) is the workshop manager and will no doubt be taking the cars out for a spin before they go off to Portugal!
2 years indepedent, they are doing a great job, MG TF looks good.
MG Addict

Will turn on the picture function, so that you can pictures to the Forum. Exciting times these, if you are a MGR fan. :)

I'm especially pleased that I set up this Forum, I honestly think the Forum will be a superb addition to the MGR worls, especially with a little insider knowledge! :D

ive heard that the seat position remains the same,how do you lot feel about that?
Ah shucks... bad news folks!

Not got good news folks I'm afraid - the 30 MG TFs are being shipped direct to Portugal from Press Cars at Longbridge.... and not stopping at our site... so no pictures - just yet. :(

The cars will be back with us in 6 weeks time, so hopefully I'll be able to supply pics and stuff then.

On a seperate note.... guess who nearly got run over today by the police MG ZT-T (which we supplied).... damn that thing is fast! Looks good though - and signs are that the majority of police forces will be taking them onto their fleets, as well as the ZTs.
From all accounts the the ZT/ZT-T is a big hit with the police, and they are certainly going for them in Staffs (My part of the world) and a little bird told me they when they would be at Hixon (on an old airfield - 38 OTU) for evaluation. Did'nt get close enough for a pic, and they started asking me questions, pretended I was an old aircraft buff, but the one I saw was in Zircon silver. Think it will be a hit.
whats so special about portugal ? mg rover did that endurance test their. is it their second biggest market in europe?
btw, should we flash coppers in MG's or ignore them?
Although this seems to have gone off thread, I have to agree that the choice of ZT's and ZT-T's by the police is excellent news. It is perceived as an endorsement of the product. We all remember the high profile of the SD1 jam sandwiches of the 80's which did a lot to enhance the image of Rover cars with the general public. I recall an advertising campaign which quoted the police confirming the toughness of these cars in service.

The TF looks like an impressive piece of work in the photos from Brussels which have appeared on another forum.

Anybody booked a test drive - reckon it won't be at my dealers until the 2nd week of Feb!

For anybody that does and you have the time, would apprecaite a punters view of the TF rather than journos for the main site.
Simon Dean wrote a v.good ZS review and our own Dave Harrison wrote a v.good review of the ZT. :)

Anybody up for it?
MGR have now added the MG TF to the MG-Rover web site.

It can found in the development zone.
MG TF Brochure...

Just arrived @ work yesterday (Friday)... 150 TF brochures & pricelists... I'm sure I can smuggle a few out if needed... lol
ME ME please. :)

Kernahan had 6 brochures delivered last week. Yep 6 - only one left and of course they want to keep it.

If you didn't get that, I said SIX from a dealer that sold 14 cars last Saturday!
Yet another TWO favourable reviews on the TF. Rather than paste them here see. :D
Saw my 1st TF yesterday, very nice too, though the Royal Blue ZT interested me more, corrrrrrrr.
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