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We are currently changing our company logo & to a degree the name. The name because we think that Executive Motoring Services puts some off as they may think we are too expensive etc!! The other reason for altering things is to promote ourselves in the service & repair of all makes of car & not just MGR.

The company is going to be re-branded E.M.Services Ltd which also gives a shorter name too!!

Ralph has been working on a new logo but is after a professional to tweek it ready for release to print on leaflets & the exterior showroom signs etc.

Is there anyone on here that is a pro in this field of computer wizardry that can assist in the finishing of the logo please? Either call Ralph at the garage on 01634 388999 or P.M me or both.

We are also open to sensible sugestions as to additional services that we can offer so again if anyone has any please pass them on.

What we are starting very shortly (hopefully) are these :-

* Car sales with a selection of cars as opposed to just the odd one now & again.
* Alloy Wheel Re-Furb.
* Minor Dent & Scuff Removals.

Thanks For Reading......Andy....
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