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New badges & forum stickers. (long awaited post)

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Sorry for the long excess delay in getting this post in here Darren, been a pain to get posts up with pics.
The badges & forum stickers that you did for me mate are brilliant and the badges look awesome on the car imo.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice you gave me about what to go for as I think that your suggested combination (the one we went for) was definitely the best when you look at the car.
Top bloke and very quick on both making and sending the items out to me.
Will definitely be back for more from you mate.

Pics unfortunately still being a pain to upload so will attach as soon as avaliable to do so.

Many thanks for all your help, highly recommend to others.

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Second that, super fast, quality service.

Thanks guys I aim to please.Pics can be uploaded to photobucket or imageshack then just copy and paste the image link.
You can upload them to your own personal gallery on here and link from there.
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