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Mynheer - Opinions please!

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What do we think of the tuning/styling company Mynheer ?

The 200BRM thread reminded me of the company! But the BRM is tame, as is the ZS180 rear spoiler in comparison, for me the company is the height of bad taste, IMHO :(
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Not a company that I am that familiar with but I have come across some examples of their work. I always thought that style hade something to do with everything fitting together and looking as if should be there.

On a similar vein, I saw a mini (proper one not the ***) with a huge spoiler fitted at the back at the supermarket today. The owner looked very proud of his creation. I didn't have the heart to tell him that because of its position and the downforce that it could create it would actually decrease the downforce on the front (driving) wheels.
Have you seen Motobuilds Green 620ti,they must employ Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles as Chief Stylists!.Richard Woolley(600 designer)must be nodding in despair!!.:eek: :confused:
They're the only company with a nice lightbrow set for an old model 200 .... they are also very arogant, read their forum and you know.

Ha ha ha.

I don't think much of the Mynheer stuff either, have heard bad reports about getting stuff from them. I have never dealt with them personally. (I don't feel I will ever need to)

Agree with the sentiments about M*to-B*ild! Especially their attitude!

Have had personal experience with them and spoken with others who have had "problems", shall I say, with them.

Basically, I wouldn't go there for a jubilee clip.

Some of the "Improvements" they allegedly carry out, in my opinion, have the overall effect of making the car look 200% worse from every angle.

Thats the bodystiling bit, don't get me started on their so called "Performance Enhancements" that are supposedly "Developed" by them. I have some funny stories though if anyone is interested.

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These so called "Experts" sold me some "Performance" spark plugs for a Honda engined Rover 827 Sterling.

This engine would never miss a beat, you would rest your hand on it and feel every piston firing every time:

"Specially Developed Performance Plugs"

Until I put in these plugs, basically their performance plugs randomly select one cylinder for misfire, which in effect gave me a 5 cylinder Rover 822 or thereabouts.

Hardly an increase in performance. Went back there and they gave me another set which were worse. In the end put my old Unipart ones (Nippon Denso) back in and gave up.

"Performance Airfilters that give you 10 - 20 bhp"

These performance air filters and their dodgy brackets may give a little power, nowhere near what is claimed. Very expensive too! Raise intake noise by around 1000% percent so say bye to any refinement your car may have before.

They don't actually fit the cars they are supposed to. Normally, they give you a load of hoses after removal of the airbox which you are told to let dangle around the engine bay as "They don't matter". Nice.

They are so well designed that they are shoved so that 40%of their surface area is in contact with the side of the battery. After a few months your car has 1/2 an air filter and an engine which runs on petrol, sulphuric acid and sponge!

Or the new one which gives you a pipe about 5 foot long coming off the turbo which you have to cut down or you can't shut the bonnet.

This is only a little bit, their T series turbo upgrades are the icing on the cake, but I will save them for another day.

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Is it that bad? looks like Excelsior here in Rotterdam :rolleyes:

I'll wait till that other day when you tell us the other stories ..... definitily.

Cheers mate,
Dennis :cool:
Motobuild are selling BRM grilles at the "offer price" of £175! odd seeing as Rover will do one for £165!,still silly money, Motobuild are £10 sillier!.:mad:
The Rover one will fit, thereby depriving the Max Power brigade of hours of filing, sanding and filling.

At todays prices several hours entertainment for £10 seems reasonable.
Advert in March's Fast Car mag for a Rover 25 Mynheer Concept.

It says in the ad that it's a one off.

IMHO it's just as well.

For the same money you can buy a new ZR 105 and have enough left for some nice extras.
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